Clement Vedanayagam Sastriar has enjoyed a particularly busy and varied musical career over the past 30 years as a soloist and composer, performing as soloist in his chosen genre of gospel music in India and across international borders. As a western music orchestral player, he had started initially as violist and violinist for a Chennai ensemble. He is a music evangelist who is largely recognized in the Indian Tamil Christian population and the world over.

His interest in violin grew from a very early age and at the age of 12 he was tutored for violin by Mr. Durairaj of Madurai, Mr. Chinna Samuel and Mr. Sathy Victor of Chennai. Soon he accompanied his father in the Lord’s ministry to play the violin and this helped him to expand adequate confidence and gain experience in playing the violin for the songs of his forefather Venerable Vedanayaga Sastriar.

In his 20s he and his interested friends ventured into contemporary western music and formed a rock band ‘BURN’ which performed successfully in various stages across India. But keeping ablaze his passion for western classical he joined the Madras Guitar String Ensemble where he played the viola and the violin for this orchestra at various places. With his great ardour, he stepped into the world of South Indian Classical Music and hence pursued his training for a short span of time under the guidance of Parur Venkataraman. One can feel and experience the flair of various styles of music in his performances and orchestration where he brings together both the South Indian Carnatic Music and the Western Music.

In the year 2001, under the title ‘Tuning with Clement’, he released an album comprising violin instrumental which became the best seller not only in Tamil Nadu but the world over. This success instigated more confidence in him and soon a series of seven albums came one after the other. The 7th album, the recent one is an unplugged album entitled, ‘Clement Unplugged’. Whenever he ventured to release a new album he was very particular in fashioning it in a unique style and technique.

He believes in promoting natural musical experiences with listeners so that it will serve as a bridge to let people of diverse cultures and beliefs to cross and get together for an international understanding of music.