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At CMH we offer six-month full time course in western classical music for Piano, Classical Guitar, Violin, Keyboard and Flute. This six-month full time course is planned to prepare students for on-stage recitals. This course is designed to qualify students for MUSIC CERTIFICATE EXAMS provided by TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON. Certificate Exams are provided at three levels

Certificate level Equivalent grade level at TCL
Foundation Certificate Grade 3
Intermediate Certificate Grade 5
Advanced Certificate Grade 8

Course completion will comprise of 100 sessions (2 hours each) with comprehensive study in instrument and music theory within six months.

Enrollment criteria

  • Ages – 15+
  • Applicants should have cleared 10th standard with a minimum of 50{aefa75a30e036feafd10797c821d410f399935e5ccfd2839644bc4566e50732e}

Without music, life would be a mistake.

Friedrich Nietzsche Philosopher

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