Crescendo Music’s director, Dr. Jonath Backia Seelan, has degrees in both piano and music theory from Trinity College London, as well as an associate diploma in singing. He has additional training on the violin and the western flute. He is a proud recipient of Maestro Chrales Oliveri Munroe’s esteemed diploma in orchestral conducting, from the Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, Pardubice, Czech Republic. He is mostly active with choral music in addition to teaching music. Choruses and choirs around the world frequently choose his secular and spiritual harmonising compositions for their choirs, male voice quartets and mixed double vocal. He enjoys teaching seminars on orchestral analysis, Symphonic analysis and performing orchestral compositions.

He gained fame as the conductor of the 80-voice ecumenical choir SINGSPIRATIONS. The choir travels over Tamil Nadu all year round to give performances, earning them a reputation as one of the best choral teams in the state. One of the few Indian choirs to be invited to perform at Carnegie Hall’s “Messiah Refreshed 2019” in the United States is SINGSPIRATIONS. Under his tutelage, his ensemble also gave a performance of Eric Whitacre’s music in April 2023 in New York’s David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Centre. Additionally, he oversees the acapella group the EIGHT, a mixed-voice quartet that performs both spiritual and secular music.

He first became involved with music when he was seven years old. His first public performance was at a church in Srivilliputtur, where he played the organ. From his schooldays onward, he also started training choirs. In addition to this, he was a regular performer at concerts and conventions in and around Tamil Nadu. On demand, he performs piano, flute, and violin at esteemed Tamil Nadu churches.

He studied Piano under the world-renowned Pianist Mr. PHILIP MARTIN, an Irish pianist-composer, Mr. KARL LUTCHMAYER, a Steinway Artist and Mr. JOSEPH BANOWETZ, an American-born pianist, pedagogue, author, and editor, currently teaching at the University of North Texas. Mr. JOSEPH BANOWETZ is a pupil of CARL FRIEDBERG, a student of German composer & pianist Clara Schumann.