Jonath Backia Seelan, the Director of Crescendo Music House is best known as the Conductor of SINGSPIRATIONS, a 80 voice ecumenical choir. The choir is one of the leading choral teams in the state and perform concerts all over Tamil Nadu throughout the year. SINGSPIRATIONS is the only choir from India to be invited to perform “Messiah Refreshed 2019” in Carnegie hall, New York, USA. He is also the director for a mixed double voice quartet singing team, The EIGHT, which is known for its sacred & secular acapella singing.

Apart from teaching music, he is involved in choral music predominantly. His secular and sacred harmonizing works in SATB, male voice quartets and mixed double voice quartets in Tamil, English and Italian are a regular choice by choirs in and around Tamilnadu. His interests include orchestral works and conducting workshops in orchestral analysis. At present he does extensive research in symphonies and its structure.

His affiliation with music began at the age of 7. His public exposure to music started with him playing the ORGAN at the local church in Srivilliputtur. He also began training choirs from his schooldays. Apart from this, he played regularly at conventions and concerts all over Tamil Nadu. He currently plays the organ, flute and violin at prestigious churches in Trichy on call.

He is a formally trained teacher in western classical music and certified in Grade 8 Piano, Grade 8 Theory of Music and Grade 5 in flute from Trinity College London. He also holds the ATCL Diploma in Singing from Trinity College London.

He studied Piano under the world renowned Pianist Mr. PHILIP MARTIN, an Irish pianist-composer, Mr. KARL LUTCHMAYER, a Steinway Artist and Mr. JOSEPH BANOWETZ, an American-born pianist, pedagogue, author, and editor, currently teaching at the University of North Texas. Mr. JOSEPH BANOWETZ is a pupil of CARL FRIEDBERG, a student of German composer & pianist Clara Schumann.