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Western singing is distinguished by its concerns with pure sound, tone quality and colour with what is felt as the sheer beauty of the voice itself. Both the singers and their listeners in western music, more than any other forms, tend to lose sight of the song’s root in its respective language and to think of singing as a purely instrumental production. At CMH, the singing lessons are designed to create solid foundation in basics of great singing and to develop solid vocal techniques to reach performing heights.

Our vocal training will facilitate to

    1. Find your individual voice and improve your vocal techniques
    2. Sing along with other performing artists
    3. Develop sight-reading
    4. Provide a friendly, supportive environment and approach to remove your fear and anxiety concerning your voice and performance
    5. Learn presentation skills and develop a complete repertoire that includes genres such as classical, opera, Broadway musical, gospel and jazz & pop
    6. Provide opportunity to participate in recitals

Some of our singers are industry professionals while most simply enjoy the self-expressive, creative and educational benefits of singing as a hobby.  We work with motivated adults, committed young students and adore teaching young children (from around the age of 6) who love music. Students at CMH can acquire certifications through Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) London, Trinity College of Music (TCL) and London College of Music (LCM).


    • Formation Level
    • Foundation Level
    • Intermediate Level
    • Advanced Level

Other Training Modes

      • Crash Course
      • Online Class

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