Chronicles of Music Teaching

We welcomed the refreshing presence of Ms. Aarti C Rajaratnam for the Recital & Graduation Ceremony – Winter 2017 on 9 June 2018. Ms. Aarti C Rajaratnam is an innovative curriculum and education design consultant. She has been instrumental in designing innovative classrooms and curriculum models in India and abroad. She is an inspiring speaker and has been invited across the globe to share her insights on creative education and psychology. She has a special parenting segment “Chinnanchiru Ulagam” on the popular morning café show on Puthuyugam channel every day. Her much acclaimed live call-in show “Kuzhandaigal Mana Nala Vaazhvu” on Polimer channel spreads awareness on positive mental health in children. Her books on parenting “Vaanam Thodu Dooramdaan” (Kalki) and Parenting Innocence to Inner-Sense (Notion Press) have consistently featured in several best-seller lists since their release in 2013. As a fellow music lover, her testimonial to our students’ performance left us with renewed focus in making interested minds turn into inspiration.

In her Facebook post she said,

“For a music lover like me to be invited to a music recital especially one with Solo performances in western classical music is a dream come true. Was fortunate to be a part of the wonderfully planned and executed recital and graduation of Crescendo Music House Trichy. What struck me most was the immensely talented, spontaneous and dedicated team of teachers including the director Mr Jonath Backia Seelan (thank you Facebook for getting us acquainted) who have through sheer hard work encouraged and nurtured the very best in each one of the students.

Each student starting with the little ones who sang beautifully to the ones on the piano, keyboard, violin and guitar each solo performance was chosen by the performer and practiced to perfection. What was even more beautiful was the fact that each one was supported and encouraged by the team of teachers and by the audience alike. To be in such a learning environment must in itself bring out nothing but the very best in the learner.

For me western classical music remains very close to my heart for several reasons. As a 10 year old struggling through school and hating it for a million reasons I went through a very rough patch of school refusal. My father tried everything to convince me and my mother was just very strict and it did not help. Around the third week into my problem my father made me a mix-tape (meltrack) of 26 classics starting with Mozart and ending with Canon by Pachelbel. I would listen to it every day when my parents were away at work along with my dogs that were my support structure. In less than two weeks I was ready for school and since then Canon has been my therapeutic song. Since I don’t take any chemical medication for illness and work deeper even for infections I still have a list of western classical songs that help me heal…. Canon being the most important. Daddy used to listen to the semi classical versions by Richard Clayderman, James Last and Antony Ventura. I started slowly introducing him to the classics with a commentary on how each piece was composed and to my new found love at that time Jazz. He in his immense love for me and for music continued to devour every form of music. Together we explored the world of Zamfir, Yanni, Brubeck and Louis Armstrong. Later I helped him understand my love for Hindustani classical music too and he always could appreciate music. He was instrumental in helping each one of us choose our own music as my sister moved on to love Freddi Mercury and Neil Diamond and my twin moved on to Dire Straits, The Ventures and to Hip Hop too. Music is such an integral part of who we are and of our ability to be our very highest self.

Crescendo Music House made such a huge difference for me that day by taking my request and making it so very special with a beautiful version of the Canon on the Piano followed by a wonderful vocal of the Ave Maria (in German – my favourite being the Italian version by IL DiVo)….. Both performances moved me to tears…..

What a beautiful evening in the midst of such musical greatness being nurtured in so many young people….. Jonath Backia Seelan sir, Thank You is such an understatement for all that you are doing to touch lives and for the special evening you personally curated with amazing music for us. God bless your work and your music.”